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Welcome to  A high integrity service destination designed on consumer focus while educating and helping clients with Real Estate transactions including the Real Estate Purchase, Sales,  and Purchase, and Mortgage guidance.   This blog offers relevant information with a well rounded expert opinion of Sean Michtavy a licensed

Colorado Real Estate Agent with significant past experience as a Loan Officer. is authored and founded by Sean Michtavy, a Licensed and Independent Colorado Real Estate Agent and founder of Home Ownership Agent, LLC.  Sean Michtavy has multi-award winning extensive and successful career history including Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Technology, and Customer Service.  Sean is also the founder of UlovemeloveU on Facebook, a community created to promote Human Kindness, Integrity, and overall Personal Happiness that reaches over 40 million people. This in depth experience allows for an Integrity based expert delivery to all clients. 

 The opinions or messages found in this forum may not represent or reflect the opinions of any organization at which the author holds a license or is employed directly or indirectly.


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