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Closed!! What do you need in a Real Estate Agent in this market?

First of all, congratulations to my buyers on the closing of this fabulous home! This particular deal required us to win in a bid situation...which is common in

the type of market we are in here in Colorado...with only about 6400 homes on the market when usually we are closer to 12,000 homes listed this time of year.

It is very important to have an agent like me in this market..that can negotiate for a not only win while bidding against other buyers for a home, but also to still get the deal, or have things addressed with either a credit or sale amount, by the Seller in the inspection phase.

Being dual licensed as both a Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent has helped me represent my clients on the Real Estate side as I can intelligently (without releasing confidential information) discuss the financial position of my Buyer with the listing agent, and thus the Seller has more confidence in me and my Buyer than others that have bid as a result. Of course, I never wear the same hat in any one transaction. My expertise in business negotiation has spread across many titles and positions and industries...and this has helped me represent my Buyers with the advantage of still 'getting a deal' while buying in a seller's market.

Thank you,

Sean Michtavy

(m) 720.550.2698

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