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I Will Pay To Buy Down Your Mortgage Rate!

Mortgage Rates may be higher, but I will provide a Buyer Agent Commission Rebate to help keep your rate and payments lower on your Colorado home purchase!!

This rebate can be used to buy down your rate, and-or pay some of your closing costs!

Everyone knows an agent, but do you know the right agent?

📍Winner of 8 Sales & Marketing Awards

📍Ranked 4th out of 165 agents within 6

months of achieving my Real Estate


📍I have only lost 1 Bid War in ~ 5 years

📍Career Experience as a Mortgage Loan


📍Career Experience Founding, Building, &

Selling a Marketing Company

📍Career Experience as a VP of Strategy

📍Founder & Author of a Blog that is based

on integrity, reaching 44 million people…I

walk the talk of Integrity everyday

Please call for details. 720-550-2698.

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